Puttout Pressure Trainer - $65

Used by amateurs and professional golfers around the world wanting to improve their speed/direction control and perform better under pressure.   Use at home or at the course and when used in conjunction with the PuttOUT mat, a variety of skill based games/drills can be executed to keep you engaged and practicing with purpose.

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Puttout Performance Mat - $140

Measuring 240 x 50cm this quality matt rolls at tournament speed, has a waterproof underlay and a variety of markings to aid ball position, swing path and allows you to play a variety of skill based games.  Rolls up similar to a sleeping bag in size and when rolled out, takes shape quickly (cheaper putting matts tend to bubble and are unable to stay flat).

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Puttout Mirror System - $129

One of the most beneficial putting training aids on the market for all ages/abilities.  Swing path, club face control and consistency of stroke are all enhanced with consistent & proper use of this training system.  The video is fantastic, and be sure to check out other video reviews!

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Basic Chipping Net - $35

24 inch diameter net to enhance your chipping strike and distance control.  24 inches in diameter, use with plastic, foam or real golf balls.  Assembly/foldaway in 5 seconds.


Premium Chipping Net - $49

Premium PGA quality chipping net to help you improve your strike and distance control.  3 different target zones make your practice sessions more engaging & purposeful.  Quick and easy assembly/foldaway.


Chip & Drive Mat - $75.00


Used for chipping, pitching & power swings in or outdoors.  Comes with 2 rubber tee’s of different heights for your driver and waterproof base.  A popular choice by people living in apartments or townhouses with limited space or simply someone wanting to avoid digging holes in the back yard!



PGA Practice Mat - $119

Measuring 58.5 x 25.5cm, fairway & rough turf simulation, waterproof base, rubber tee’s included.

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Coloured Golf Balls - $4 each

Performance ball for beginners to mid level golfers, 6 colours.  $4 each or 12 for $36 ($3 ea.)

ball – features/Benefits

Training Balls 3pk - $25

So simple, so effective.  Use for practice or out on the golf course.  Features & Benefits video below

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GravityFit TPro - $100

Click the button below to watch a short video of how the GravityFit TPro can benefit your game.

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SKLZ Impact Bag - $55

Click the button below to watch a short video of how the SKLZ Smash Bag can benefit your game.

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T2G Swing Aid - $49

Click the button below to watch a short video of how the T2G Swing Aid can benefit your game.

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Premium Training Net- $299

The 305(W) x 214(H) x 153cm(D) PGA Tour net can be used to train all your movement techniques including chipping, pitching and power game.  The drop down hitting sheet with target circles provides purposeful short game practice along with an extra layer to absorb your power shots impact thus enhancing durability.

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Hitting Cage - $149

This 305(W) x 213(H) x 150cm(D) cage net allows you busy people to practice your chipping, pitching & power game skills at home.  Expandable fibreglass poles & water resistance materials combine to make for quick assembly and durability.  Can be used with read golf balls.

Medium Hitting Cage - $119

A slightly smaller alternative 261(W) x 213(H) x 152cm(D) for those with restricted space at home or those who wish to use indoors and a popular choice for children.  Best suited for using with foam, rubber, plastic golf balls or the occasional real golf balls shot.  If you intend on hitting only real golf balls, or have high swing speeds, we recommend you purchase one of our other nets.

SKLZ Ball First Trainer - $44.95


Click the button below to watch a short video of how the SKLZ Ball First Trainer can benefit your game.

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Resistance Bands - $6.00

Used for physical & golf swing development.  Latex free to reduce skin irritations, 1yr warranty.  $/meter = $6.00 (light) , $6.50 (medium), $7.00 (heavy), $7.50 (x-heavy) 

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Phone Cradle - $24.95

Accelerate your performance by using a Remax phone stand.  Fits easily into your golf bag, flexible & strong, clips onto anything 1-4cm thick, fits small-oversized smartphones.  Recording your swing movements allows you to qualify if your perception matches the reality of what is happening thus allowing you to make better decisions about what, where and how much you adjust your action. 


2019 Golf Rules bag tags - $19.95

All the most essential, must know golf rules streamlined into 6 waterproof ‘credit card’ sized cards that clips easily onto your golf bag ready for when you need them.  Pictures with step by step, bullet point procedures of what you can/cannot do in common situations on the course – an absolute must buy for any beginner or casual golfer!  Includes the recently added new rules for 2019.



SKLZ Smart Glove - $35

Click the button below to watch a short video of how the SKLZ Smart Glove can benefit your game.

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Hat clip ball markers - $34.95

Stand out with a Limited Edition “Hello Kitty” magnetic ball marker system.  The bow clips onto your hat and is magnetic, and slide on & off a kitty marker within seconds!  1 less thing jiggling around in your pockets out on the course.

Junior Foldaway Trundler - $65

Click below to watch Features & Benefits video

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Pikachu head cover - $19.95


A children’s favourite!  “Pikachu” metal driver head cover.  Can fit any driver, fairway metal up to 300cc which is 99% of all junior equipment manufacturers e.g. US Kids Golf.

SNAG Snag-o-matic - $40


Correct use of the SNAG-O-MATIC will help build (through feeling) a better swing plane, club face control, and kinetic chain to help increase club head speed.  Looks like a coat hanger right? A coat hanger can’t do what this thing can (trust us, we have tried!).  Can be used without or with a golf club hitting shots.  One of our most sold training aids. 

SNAG Snapper - $40

Click the button below to watch a short video of how the SNAG Snapper can benefit your game.

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