Gravity FIT – Swing Kit


The Swing Kit introduces the TPro – a unique science-based GravityFit tool used to develop more effective, repeatable & safer movement patterns in golf techniques & physical training. The Swing Kit includes;

1 x Green theraband (medium resistance)
1 x Yellow theraband (lower resistance)
1 x Patented BackBow
2 x Stacker blocks

The Tpro can be used with all golf movement techniques such as putting, chipping, pitching, sand bunker, full shots with all clubs providing quality of movement feedback and guidance.

The Tpro is also used in conjunction with a variety of stability, mobility, strength and power exercises and drills to help your body move better and ultimately player better and safer golf.

Another unique feature of the TPro training aid is it can be used by just about anyone, no matter their golfing or physical capabilities. Even thought it is used by dozens of PGA tour & LPGA tour professions such as Cameron Smith (2020 Sony Open winner), Tommy Fleetwood (top 10 in the world) and our very own Lydia Ko + various High Performance Programs around the world, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only for elite players; the beauty of this equipment is the intuitive simplicity of its application and its understated benefit of reducing swing thoughts.

VIP access to golf/exercise instructional videos

The TPro provides sensory feedback of how your T-spine (Thoracic), shoulder blades (scapulae) and arms are functioning during a movement which all have a significant impact on the effectiveness and consistency of how you strike a golf shot.



This revolutionary exercise and training aid will:

– Strengthen your deep muscle system
– Improve your static/dynamic posture
– Help teach you how to rotate effectively
– Deliver immediate feedback on quality of movement

Which leads to:

– Cleaner contact
– Better directional control & increased distance
– More consistency
– Fewer aches, pains and injuries