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Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Allan completed his PGA Professional studies in 2006. He is currently a AAA PGA Professional member of the South African PGA as well as a New Zealand PGA member.

Having recently relocated to Auckland, New Zealand, Allan is currently developing his coaching reputation locally. He prides himself on providing an inclusive, fun and engaging learning experience. Allan’s skills and player-centered approach have been influenced by a variety of experienced coaches and mentors, ensuring he provides the highest level of coaching for his players.

Allan has successfully coached players of all abilities – from complete beginners to fellow professional golfers and everyone in between. Whilst working at some of the most prestigious golf clubs in South Africa, Allan improved and enhanced the golfing experiences of every golfer that crossed his path.

It is often the simple things that make the biggest difference in life (and golf) which is why I like to keep things simple for my students, allowing them to develop their own natural swings. Good golf swings are founded from good fundamentals (Posture, Grip, Aim). I believe in using teaching aids in conjunction with swing drills and exercises to accelerate the learning process for my students. Good coaches never stop learning and I’m always looking for new ways to help enhance my customers experiences.

Bobby Jones
“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies”

I truly believe there is something magical about the game of golf! It grabs you and it doesn’t let you go. Try as hard as you can you can never beat this game. One day you have it, just to find out the next day that it is gone. Golf teaches you resilience, the kind of resilience you need to cope with life and that makes me want to play the game and teach others to play the game for as long as I live.

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After establishing where the golfer is at, and where they want to go, holistic strategies in & out of a lesson situation are provided to help the golfer realise their chosen golfing outcomes. Purposeful practice routines/programs containing training aids, drills, skill games/activities, and/or physical conditioning, possibly equipment specification adjustments or replacements are just a few of the variables explored. Laced throughout the development journey is the coach empowering the golfer to identify, qualify and remedy undesirable situations themselves thus reducing their reliance on their coach for answers and promoting a better learning/playing experience.

Hailing from a small town 2.5 hours north of Auckland, Adam graduated as a New Zealand PGA golf professional in 2008. With the coaching fire burning deep within, he made the move to Auckland in 2009 and became Director for Coaches Inc. a golf company set up to provide various services & products in the golf industry for all ages/abilities whereby a few years later gained full ownership. Adam’s passion is making people happy, and simply uses his skill sets in the golf industry as a vehicle to enhance his clients happiness. Happily married to his beautiful wife Micaela and recently welcomed their baby boy Emerson into the world who joins his big sister Chelsea the miniature schnauzer dog!

Below are a few philosophies & ways of thinking that I really buy into – hopefully this will give you a few clues as to the type of person I am.

“Give a man a fish and he feeds himself for just one day, give a man the means to fish and he will feed himself for an entire life time…” Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist
A very commonly used quote, which perfectly explains the difference between coaching & instruction.

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.
Looks at our behaviour choices, evident in most frustrated golfers – brilliant quote from Mr Einstein

“Amateurs teach other Amateurs how to play like Amateurs” USPGA Coach
Found this on youtube – brilliant and so true. Having knowledge and knowing how and when to deliver it are mutually exclusive.

“All that we are is the result of what we thought” Buddha
So simple, so true. In my opinion we are just a sum total of our experiences. Relating this to the golf swing, our golf club is what moves the ball, our body is what moves the club, and our brain is what moves our body – hence if you are not getting what result you want, maybe its time for different thought?

“Enjoy, Change, Accept” Arron Harding, PGA teaching professional
Enjoy – every moment of what you do, if you are not then….
Change – if you cannot then…
Accept – these are the cards you have been dealt, although not ideal, moving on is the only way forward

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