School Term Group Program

Our most popular and preferred development vehicle for students aged 4-17yrs.  Weekly group classes (2-4 students min/max) provide the right balance between learning, play, social engagement, fun and value for money.


What will my child experience

Everything that influences your child’s ability to play and perform on the golf course e.g. movement techniques, rules of play & etiquette, planning & preparation, effective practice, physical development and much more.  We place a high emphasis on using golf as a vehicle to teach students the necessary life skills to be the very best human being they can be (which also influences their enjoyment & success achieved in the golf).  Development is executed indoors, outdoors, and out on the golf course.

How are groups organised

Student group placement is influenced by their age, ability, how important golf is to them compared to other hobbies they participate in and of course parent availability.  As a company we typically have 12-15 different day/time groups set in our diaries so hopefully we can find the best fit for your child.

How we measure student progress

Students are challenged & motivated to work through ‘capability levels’, where each level (9 in total) has clearly defined benchmarks to achieve in order to progress to the next.  As students graduate through each level they are issued ‘capability level stickers’ and certificates which go onto their ‘golf bag tag’ which is issued as apart of their Registration Pack.  This provides a structured system whereby at any stage of a child’s development a snapshot can be taken of where they are and what they need to do to get to where they want to be.

Does my child need golf equipment?

No.  We are happy to provide the use of our equipment free of charge during class time.  If you want your child to take home a few golf clubs to practice with in between classes, click the ‘CLUB HIRE PRICING’ button to view your options.

Alternative Learning options

If our above School Term Group Program wont meet your child’s needs, click below to view an extensive range of other development options which may tickle your interest.

School Holiday Golf Programs

We run half & full day programs each an every school term break.  A great way to introduce a new student to the game and a popular choice by parents of our school term training students as a fun way to polish up a few skills, get out and play on the golf course more, form new golfing buddies and test their abilities against other students.

Interested? Contact us and tell us about your child and we will add them to our email list and ensure you are included on all forthcoming communications.

What will my child experience

To keep our students engaged our programs are jam packed with variety, breaks, and our famous ‘mystery activity’ which is typically a fun and relaxed experience that kids love. Lots of LGFU (Learning games for understanding) with different challenge levels used, 1 to 1 support, physical development associated to golf, golf course ready prep + on the golf course play are just a few examples. The final itinerary is tailored to the registered attendees.

Group sizes/mix

1 teacher to 2-6 students (mix/max). We find this offers the best mixture of learning, play, and value for money for parents. If we have a range of ages/abilities the group will be split into sub groups and learning/activities will be matched to their needs.


HALF DAYS (3-3.5hrs)
$60 – $90 p/student

FULL DAYS (5-6hrs)
$80 – $130 p/student

The final price is dictated by student numbers & program itinerary activities