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Gravity Fit Swing Kit

Quality movement starts here

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Putting Pack

Better movement, better results, lots of fun.

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Training Pack (basic)

Get creative & start fine tuning your game

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Playing Pack

Golf Course Playing Accessory Pack

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Power Pack (basic)

Your own driving range at home!

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Power Pack (premium)

Our premium at home driving range set up

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Chipping Pack (premium)

Develop & maintain your short game touch

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Chipping Pack (basic)

Develop and maintain your chipping touch

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GravityFit TPRO green

Strength, Stability and Quality Movement

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GravityFit TPRO Yellow

Sweeter, Stronger & Longer with the TPRO

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Smart Swing Ball

Improve your torso and arm connection…

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Resistance Band

Used for physical/golf swing development, latex free = reduced skin irritations. 1yr warranty. 

Starting at $6.00/m  

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SKLZ Ball First Trainer

 So simple, so effective – improving arc low point location and centeredness of strike through visual and Kinaesthetic feedback. 

NZD $44.95, only 7 remaining!

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SKLZ Smart Glove

Not your typical golf glove; qualifies hand placement on club & provides feel based feedback of wrist function (influencing clubface control) during your swing. 

NZD $34.99, limited sizes remaining!

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PuttOut Pressure Trainer

Science based putting awesomeness…

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PuttOut Pro Mat

Measuring (L)240cm x (W)50cm the…

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PuttOut Mirror System

“Its like having your own coach with you”

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Chipping Net - Basic

Improving your chipping strike, direction and speed control with this 24 inch diameter net.  Sse with plastic, foam or real golf balls.  Assembles/folds away in 15 seconds.  

NZD $39.00

Chipping Net -(premium)

The PGA perfect touch chipping net has 3 target zones thus making your practice more engaging & purposeful.  Quick & easy assembly/foldaway.

NZD $49.95

Practice Mat (basic)

The basic practice mat can be used for chipping, pitching & power swings in or outdoors.  The mat comes with 2 rubber tee’s of different heights and a waterproof base which has shock absorption qualities.

NZD $75.00

Practice Mat (premium)

Our premium practice mat measures (L)58.5cm x (W)25.5cm, and has fairway & rough turf simulation.  The mat has a waterproof & shock absorption base and comes with 2 rubber tee’s. 

NZD $119.00

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T2G Connector

How the T2G will help your game is clearly demonstrated in the below video review. 


now only NZD $25.00!!

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Hitting Cage - Premium

The PGA premium hitting cage (W)305 x (H)214 x (D)153cm can be used to train all your chipping, pitching and power game movement techniques.  The drop down sheet acts as an extra absorption layer for power shots and makes your short game training more purposeful. 

NZD $299.99

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Hitting Cage - Basic

This 305(W) x 213(H) x 150cm(D) hitting cage allows busy people to practice their chipping, pitching & power game skills at home.  Expandable fibreglass poles & water resistance materials combine to make for quick assembly and durability.  Can be used with real golf balls. 

NZD $189.00

Hitting Cage - Basic Small

For those who have restricted space at home, this cage slightly smaller cage 261(W) x 213(H) x 152cm(D) may be just the perfect fit.  Can be used with foam, plastic, rubber or real golf balls for golfers with medium to medium-slow club head speeds.

NZD $115.00



Correct use of the SNAG-O-MATIC helps to build a better swing plane, club face control, and improved club head speed.  Can be used with a golf club hitting shots at slow speeds while building the new feel awareness.

NZD $39.99


Click the button below to watch a short video of how the SNAG Snapper can benefit your game. 

NZD $39.99

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Training Pack - Premium

We are waiting on delivery from a supplier.  The Pack will include;  

1 x Gravity Fit Swing Kit * 3 x Resistance Bands (diff. tensions), 2 x Tour Sticks, 1 x Line M up ball stencil, 1 x Phone cradle, *can substitute for a TPro