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Program Pathway & Pricing Overview

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with Adam or Matthew with coach Jacques 

What will my child experience?

Everything that influences your child’s ability to play and perform on the golf course e.g. movement techniques, rules of play & etiquette, planning & preparation, effective practice, physical development activities and much more.  We place a high emphasis on using golf as a vehicle to teach students the necessary life skills to be the very best human being they can be (which naturally influences their enjoyment & success achieved in the golf program).  Development is executed indoors, outdoors, variety of practice facilities and out on the golf course.  

How and when are groups organised?

Typically groups are organised by age as we feel this not only promotes the best social environment but also allows students to develop at a rate that they (and parents) wish.  We are open to placing students in older groups for those who are more performance focused.  Ideally students would complete an assessment session (60mins) where we can ascertain a child’s physical, golfing, cognitive capabilities’ to then know which group is the best fit for them.  We have 3 coaches who all offer after school and weekend group class options.

How we measure student progress

Students are challenged & motivated to work through ‘capability levels’, where each level (9 in total) has clearly defined benchmarks to achieve in order to progress to the next.  As students graduate through each level they are issued ‘capability level stickers’ and certificates which go onto their ‘golf bag tag’ which is issued as apart of their Registration Pack.  This provides a structured system whereby at any stage of a child’s development a snapshot can be taken of where they are and what they need to do to get to where they want to be.

Does my child need golf equipment?

No.  We are happy to provide the use of our equipment free of charge during class time.  Our club hiring service allows students to take home a few clubs to practice in-between classes – a popular choice for parents who want to make sure their child commits to the game before buying their own set.  If you would like to buy a set, speak with your child’s coach.  Click below to view equipment hiring options.

Equipment hiring price list

Interested – what next?

Click and complete the simple online form below which helps us understand your child, their needs and your preferences as a parent.  After receiving your form, one of coaching team will contact you to discuss the next actions steps.

Registration of interest form

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