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Helping golfers make informed purchasing decisions

 Why having a club fitting session is important

  • Find out what specifications, club mix, design, volume best suits your physical state & performance needs
  • Ensure every golf lesson & practice session gives you the best chance of success
  • Reduce the risk of of sustaining an injury
  • Trust – we have your best interests at heart, and only want you to purchase golf equipment that will give you the best chance success


What you will experience

  • Complete a quick online questionnaire defining your needs & scope
  • Observation & data collection phase
  • Defining needed specifications & club volume that aligns with steps 1 & 2 above
  • Summary discussion/presentation of what & why the above has been recommended
  • Brand/model recommendations presented along with quotation from Takapuna 
  • All written down & sent to you in a special PDF summary report

Clients who chose to purchase through Takapuna Retail shop, receive the additional service

  • Order typed up in Takapuna’s order system
  • Order placed with chose manufacturer
  • Payment processed (various ways)
  • When product arrives to shop, product is checked before informing client


What’s in your Coaches Inc. club fitting report

  • Equipment options available to you & where/why you would consider using it
  • Specification variations in golf clubs, and how they effect your results & golf swing
  • Details of the observations & data collected through the session
  • Equipment recommendations that align with your goals & data collected.
  • Brand/model recommendations with website links for further researching.
  • A financial quote from the Takapuna Retail Golf Shop (if wanted)


Things you need to know about golf clubs

  • Using golf clubs that does not accommodate your physical state WILL result in injuries occurring, and slow down your golf development.
  • Buying a ‘full set’ is often not necessary which can save you money
  • Customising your club specifications 99% of the time does not cost any extra $
  • All brands, have various models that cater to different player abilities
  • All brands use different technology in their equipment, but work towards achieving the same performance goals i.e. more distance, more control, improved feeling, sound & appearance
  • Poor golf equipment will be counter productive to any golf lessons experienced.












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