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New Zealand PGA Golf Coach

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Matthew Davis


New Zealand PGA Golf Coach

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Adam Bonnar 


New Zealand PGA Golf Coach

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By merging sports science with golf coaching Jacques provides a holistic approach to improving your skills by covering all aspects required to optimise golf performance. His unique coaching approach combined with a players willingness to work to improve over time will lead to higher levels of performance. With a passion for acquiring knowledge and understanding to broaden his coaching skills, Jacques believes that “coaching is an art based on a science”. Through information gained via analysis tools including FlightScope and 3D swing analysis, skills testing, putting analysis, performance statistics analysis, profiling, strength testing and physical screening, it becomes possible to determine precisely where improvement can be made.

Jacques played representative golf for North Harbour and New Zealand Universities prior to completing his Bachelor of Sport and Recreation from Auckland University of Technology in 2005. Units of study included applied human movement, exercise science, functional anatomy, personal training, sport psychology, sport nutrition and skill learning.

In 2008 Jacques commenced his PGA apprenticeship and was awarded Trainee Professional of the Year for three consecutive years. From 2010 through to 2015 he was Head Professional at The Royal Auckland Golf Club Grange Course. In 2016 he transitioned into coaching full time, specialising in the area of 3D golf swing biomechanical analysis.

Jacques has recently been awarded a three-year Prime Minister’s Coaching Scholarship to further his knowledge in this area under the guidance of world renowned golf biomechanist Ryan Lumsden. Ryan is recognised internationally as the leading authority in 3D biomechanical measurement and the practical application of collected data. Q Golf New Zealand is the result of the working collaboration between Ryan and Jacques.

Jacques liaises closely with a number of top coaches wishing to optimise their players’ technical and physiological development. He works with a growing number of New Zealand’s elite amateur and professional players, as well as club golfers who are committed to doing what it takes to improve. His special interest is the development path from junior golfer to elite amateur to professional player.

> TPI Golf Coach and Junior Level 3 Certified
> FlightScope Academy Level 1 Certified
> K Vest Level 2 Certified
> AAA accredited member (highest) with the NZ PGA

Technology available (when appropriate)
> Swing Catalyst Video Analysis Programme
> FlightScope Xi Tour launch monitor
> BodiTrak Pressure Mat
> SAM PuttLab
> K Vest 3D Analysis system
> AMM 8 sensor 3D Analysis System

“Friendly”, “Patient” and “Effective” are three common observations from Matt’s clients when asked about his style of coaching.

Matt prides himself on being able to coach in a way that gets LASTING results that ACTUALLY WORK on the course after the lesson.

Popular coaching programs with Matt take place on the practice tee AND on the golf course. Matt is focused and skilled in LOWERING SCORES, not just fixing slices.

Matt understands that golf can be hard enough and as a result keeps his coaching clear and simple for his clients.

Discover your goals and guide you towards achieving these goals in a way that lasts.

Matt understands that everybody is different and so are their goals and needs, but deep down we’re all after the same thing, more enjoyment from Golf and a lesson with Matt is a surefire fast-track to exactly that.

Golf Northland Elite Academy coach
Head coach to the Whangarei Boys High School Golf Academy (WBHS – has produced two time world champion schools teams and an NZ amateur Champion in the last 4 years)
Director of Golf & Head Professional at The Northland Golf Club
Golf Professional to Whangarei Golf Club
Lead KiwiGolf in school instructor – with experience coaching in excess of 2500 school children, delivering golf skills and life skills.
Several of Matt’s Junior students have won ASB sports awards, national and international events and most recently scholarships to university’s in New Zealand and America.
Honors Degree in Sports Conditioning & Coaching (UK Graduate)
10+ years experience

Understand the person & their motives for learning the game.
Define the learning & unique performance goals.

Create awareness & provide solutions on how to manage all variables that influence the speed of progression & ability of the player realising their performance goals.

Utilisation of Feedback & Feedforward process during development stages, by way of measuring & assessment.

Ensure the athlete understands intellectually, spatially, and from a feeling point of view what movement combinations were contributing to the un-desired outcome, and what movement combinations are required to achieve the desired outcome.

> Empathetic and passionate about people
> Behavioral specialist
> Can easily adjust teaching style to clients preferences and needs
> Enthusiastic would understate his teaching approach
> Outcome driven, but pragmatic in his execution
> Over 12 years teaching experience
> PGA of New Zealand Graduate
> Founder & Managing Director of Coaches Inc.
> Nike Golf Professional & Ambassador

Below are a few philosophies & ways of thinking that I really buy into – hopefully this will give you a few clues as to the type of person I am.

“Give a man a fish and he feeds himself for just one day, give a man the means to fish and he will feed himself for an entire life time…” Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist
A very commonly used quote, which perfectly explains the difference between coaching & instruction.

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.
Looks at our behaviour choices, evident in most frustrated golfers – brilliant quote from Mr Einstein

“Amateurs teach other Amateurs how to play like Amateurs” USPGA Coach
Found this on youtube – brilliant and so true. Having knowledge and knowing how and when to deliver it are mutually exclusive.

“All that we are is the result of what we thought” Buddha
So simple, so true. In my opinion we are just a sum total of our experiences. Relating this to the golf swing, our golf club is what moves the ball, our body is what moves the club, and our brain is what moves our body – hence if you are not getting what result you want, maybe its time for different thought?

“Enjoy, Change, Accept” Arron Harding, PGA teaching professional
Enjoy – every moment of what you do, if you are not then….
Change – if you cannot then…
Accept – these are the cards you have been dealt, although not ideal, moving on is the only way forward

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