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Family learning options

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Benefits of learning as a family

  • Parents better equipped to support their children outside of lessons
  • Great way to bring to family together (in this busy day & age)
  • Great way to ‘test the waters’ and see if your child enjoys the game
  • Great platform for experienced adults to refine their game
  • Cost effective 

We understand that parents are busy, and are typically racing around dropping their children off to various after school activities.  Our way of making the golf more accessible & logistically viable for parents is to offer different ‘family learning’ options.  


Pricing & Learning Options

Chose between casual lessons i.e. case by case, or chose one of your development packages (4 or 8 hours) which not only saves you a little extra money, but allows us to create a mini development plan for you, and book the schedule ahead of time.

Family Pricing Options (click here)


How long are each lessons?

We recommend 60mins per lesson minimum. This ensures each participant receives a good mixture of personalised support, hitting shots, getting feedback & of course group discussions & presentations.  A 1.5 hour class may be suitable for groups of 3-4.


How to book your first experience?

  • Contact us if you wish to purchase a 4 or 8 hour development package
  • For casual lessons, book a 1 hour family lesson appointment via our online booking system (refer to homepage, top menu, BOOK A LESSON)

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