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What your child will experience

> Development of the various movement techniques required to play the game of golf

> Development of physical ability thus promoting safe and increased speed of skill acquisition

> Development of mental, emotional and behavioural choices & consequences

> Mixture of indoor and outdoor learning (we have a fully covered & lit driving range protecting us from the elements)

> The use of world class training tools/aids to help create the necessary movements and feelings to play the game well

> Video analysis, launch monitors, 3D software systems may be used to diagnose, measure & promote sustained development

> Learning through games, activities and at certain stages performance tests


Does my child need golf equipment?

No – we happily provide top of the line junior equipment of all sizes to our students to use during class time free of charge.  As an added bonus for parents (who want to wait a little longer before purchasing golf equipment for their child) we hire out this equipment to students who want to practice in between classes by themselves.  Click below to view hiring options.

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What next & how to get started?

Click the button below to complete a simple online form below which helps us understand your child, their needs and of course your preferences as a parent/guardian.  You can expect to hear from us on the same day (best case) and within 48 hours (worst case) or alternatively click OUR COACHES from the top of this webpage, select your preferred coach and contact them directly by phone/email.

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