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Adult Learning Options

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Training options – Individual & Shared learning

Beginners to experience golfers, click the below button to view our multiple learning & pricing options.  Chose from casual learning i.e. 30, 45, 60min sessions or jump into one of our Development Packages which in simple terms are pre-paid ‘blocks of time’ that can be used when/how you want – the bigger the block the more you save!

Learning and pricing options


Benefits from working with Coaches Inc 

  • Video analysis in & out of classes – clients are sent a ‘video summary’ of their experience
  • Use of both national & international training aids & tools to help accelerate your development
  • Receive various support docs, pictures, video links free of charge to aid your development
  • Club hiring service – Ideal for new golfers who want to ‘wait’ before purchasing some golf clubs.
  • Takapuna as a facility offers everything we need to teach you all the necessary skills to play the game


Where will we teach you?

Some skills are taught and experienced outdoors (putting, chipping, pitching, sand bunker) some on the driving range (power techniques such as driver, fairway metal & iron play) and tactical skills out on the golf course through a playing lesson (pre/post shot routines, club selection, and what ever else is necessary to lower your scores).



Where & how to start?

If you want to make every minute and $ you invest in the game count, be sure to book yourself a new client assessment & prescription session.  On completion of this experience you will receive a holistic report & video summary review outlining our recommendations on what your next moves could be to work towards achieving your golfing goals.  Below outlines the procedure we take.

  • Step 1/3 – Online Questionnaire (2-3mins) click below button to start
  • Step 2/3 – Assessment consultation (60mins)
  • Step 3/3 – Video summary & prescription report sent to customer

Online form


How we will teach you?

Using a mixture of teaching styles & training aids, we will help you build the intellectual and necessary feel based awareness of what you were doing that contributed to your undesired outcomes, and of course what you now need to do to work towards getting the outcome you do want.  As golf educators it is our responsibility to provide you with strategies on how to best use your practice time – whether at home, the golf course or training facility.  


Golf equipment usage & hiring

Don’t own any golf equipment?  no worries, all students are most welcome to use our golf equipment during class time and/or can take home & hire clubs to practice with for as long as they want.  Click below to view pricing/hiring options.

Club hiring pricing