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Matthew Davis

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Adam Bonnar

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Development options 

Our coaching team provides Individual (1 to 1) and Shared (2, 3, 4 people share) learning experiences and programs for new/beginner, experienced and elite performing golfers.  To gain a more in depth understanding of the development & pricing options, from above, click the ADULT PRICING button under your preferred coach.

What, how and where we will teach you

We provide holistic support (in and out of a lessons) on all things that will influence a players ability to experience success and happiness in the game of golf – no matter what the motives are for wanting to learn/play/compete. 

We use a variety of teaching methods such as providing the client support documents & video links, using training aids/tools/drills to help build certain movement patterns, technology to measure and qualify progress, strategies of how to make each and every practice session productive to name a few. 

Naturally we must first establish where a golfer is at, where they want to go/achieve, and then identify what strategies we can adopt to work towards achieving their goals.  Learning and development is conducted indoors (covered/fully lit driving range) and outdoors (training areas and golf course itself).

Do I need golf equipment?

No – we provide golf clubs during lessons free of charge.  As an added bonus, we hire out this equipment to those who want to practice in between classes for a few weeks before going ahead and purchasing their own equipment. Click below to view our club hiring options.

Club hiring pricing

Need further assistance?

Unsure as to how to start, or have a few questions before booking an appointment? Click OUR COACHES at the top of this webpage, select your preferred coach and feel free to contact us by phone/email.  

Want to purchase a lesson eGift Card for a special someone?

eGift Cards can be redeemed on any product or coaching service provided by our Coaches Inc. team. Click the PURCHASE NOW button to select, pay, and either send the eGift Card to the recipient along with a personal note, or simply send to your own email address.

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