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Who is Athlete Development?

These guys break down barriers & allow athletes to reach their potential in their chosen sporting field.  Not only do they personalise, measure & offer a variety of development pathways, they work out of a world class facility, have the best coaching team & use some very cool training equipment.  Athlete Development are great at what they do, and have the results to prove it, and will open doors for golfers that they never new existed.

What they can offer your child

ACADEMY development
The Academy runs all year round, 7-8am during school terms and is divided into various ability & age groups raging from 5-10 students. 1-2 coaches work & support each group, taking the students through various physical & psychological skill games & exercises. The Academy is a competitive, fun & social development environment.

PRIVATE development
If early mornings don’t work, you can bring your child along after school/evenings/weekends for private sessions – either as an individual, or with a friend/group of your choice.

Where are they based?

  • AUT Millennium Building
  • 17 Antares Place, Rosedale, Auckland 0632


What to Expect

The various golf swings needed to play the game requires certain movement patterns to be repeated on demand, which hence requires varying levels of co-ordination, mobility, stability, speed & power and of course endurance – both mentally & physically.  


2 academy sessions p/wk – 1month = $105
3 academy sessions p/wk – 1month = $130

1 x hr private session – 1 person = $75.00 total
1 x hr private session – 2 people = $95.00 total
1 x hr private session – 3-6 people = $120.00 total