Select your preferred Coaches Inc. golf educator
Contact him, explore & become aware of the game, learning & coaching options
Book your 1st 1 hour coaching lesson
If you enjoyed the experience, then define an ongoing development plan, book it in and make it happen!

Coaches Inc. owns top quality equipment which we provide at no charge to new comers to use during the first few lessons. We do this to give you the chance to ‘test the waters’ and see if you enjoy golf & lesson experiences with your coach, before deciding to commit to the game. What is important is that we get you the correct fitted equipment as soon as possible, as no doubt you will want to practise & play on the course at some point, and it makes sense to be using the same product during all situations. Speak to our team about organising a club fitting session, where you will be provided with a detailed report of what you need, and why, along with quotations from Takapuna Golf Shop.

Breathable, flexible clothing. For those who have golf shoes, it is highly recommended you bring these along, for those who don’t, running/cross trainers will do.

Hydration & food
Depending on the season, a cool/warm drink and light snack

Bring your full set along, unless you have specific skill learning goals, and hence just bring the relevant clubs. For those who don’t have equipment, we can provide you with equipment during our lessons at no charge – please advise us asap if you require equipment so we know to take from our storage unit for your lesson.

This is up to your learning needs and what you would like to achieve
• Technical fundamentals such as the grip, alignment, stance, and swing
• How to play a variety of shots. Putting, chipping, bunkers, irons, woods etc
• Correct practice habits
• Basic rules of the game
• How to join a club

Monday – Saturday
9.30am – 8.30pm (times vary from coach to coach)

5-7 weeks would be the ‘best case scenario.’
Ultimately YOU and your choices dictate the answer to this question. The volume of skills you want to learn, to what performance level, how much you practise & the quality of this practise, the appropriateness of your equipment, how many golf theory classes you require (rules, manners, terminology & course layout understanding etc.) all affect how long it will take you to get out on the field.

We at Coaches Inc. take the attitude of we want to get you out to the course as quickly as possible – as this is where the real fun begins! It is not about ‘making your swing perfect’ before going onto the field – this will take years to achieve and become tedious and not enjoyable. Think of it like phases – phase 1, learn what you need, then get out and taste what it is like to play golf. From your findings in phase 1, come back and lets explore phase 2 development, how to lower your scores and enhance your enjoyment you experience in the game, and it goes on and on like this until you are content.

1 hour duration
Over the years we have trialled 30 min, 45 min, 1.5 hour lessons and have derived that an 1 hour lesson offers the best balance between learning, feedback, hitting shots and fun – without the risk of mental or physical fatigue.
To new golfers, this sounds like a long time, but we can assure you, once you have your first lesson experience, you wont believe how quickly the time flies!

30 min lessons
Suitable for golfers who have experience, and simply want feedback and minor alterations to their swing. This 30 min lesson can also be a good starting point for younger children who’s attention span may be limited.

Golf Course learning
You can chose from 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 4 hours – what ever the need, our educators can come out with you on the course and support you.

Coaches Inc have two NZPGA Professionals are collectively recognised as experts in teaching and coaching the game of golf. PGA of New Zealand members earn their status only after completing a three-year traineeship. PGA Professionals are the global leaders in the game of golf. As certified experts in playing and coaching the game, skilled advisers on equipment and technology and experienced personnel in managing day-to-day operations at golf facilities worldwide, The PGA Professional serves to grow interest and participation in golf.

Mitchell Price and Adam Neal cover modern teaching and learning methods, coaching and advanced technique analysis, human anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics – fundamental to understanding the motion of the golf swing they are nationwide leaders in coaching and will offer you the best service guaranteed

Select one of our ‘Time Credit Packages’ 4, 8, 16 or 40 hours – the more you invest, the bigger the saving.
Try group learning? Either with a friend, colleague or why not try our group classes – New to Golf & Refresher.

Coaches Inc can help you with this and help locate a golf club that is near you. If you are in New Zealand and love your golf it may be worthwhile looking for a golf club to join so you can become an affiliate golfer. This means that you save money on green fees at most NZ golf courses, as most courses have one green fee price for affiliate golfers and one for non affiliate golfers. It also means that you can obtain a New Zealand Golf handicap