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Accelerating golfing development through physical conditioning


Meet David Cooper from Health Zone Physio

Our go to man when it comes to physical rehabilitation & condition work for our golfing clients.  David has a wealth of experience and works with some the biggest names and       sporting organisations in the New Zealand.  David continues to support Coaches Inc.       clients of all ages, abilities and even our Coaches Inc. coaching team.  Click the button       below to learn more about David & Health Zone Physio.

David and Health Zone background



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Services Offered

Below outlines the three core services David & Health Zone Physio offers Coaches Inc. clients.  For more in depth information on a service type, be sure to click the associated button.


  1. Musculo-skeletal screening & program prescription

  2. Physiotherapy consultations & manual therapy

  3. Short-mid term Gym memberships for Health Zone clients


1. Musculo-skeletal screening & program prescription  

Ideal for golfers wanting to accelerate their golfing development & tap into their un discovered potential.  On completion of this service, you will know what your physical strengths & weaknesses are and what/how to remedy any limitations.  Coaches Inc. clients enjoy a 5% discount and pay the reduced fee of $147.25 for this service (2-2.5 hour service)


What to expect:

  1. Your coach will send a Golf swing video summary of your motion to David
  2. You will be taken through a 60min muscular-skeletal screening
  3. You will receive a report containing everything you need to be aware of, and an action plan moving forward.
  4. A copy of the report is also sent to your coach to factor into your golf lesson development plan.



2. Physiotherapy consultations & manual therapy sessions

Any niggles, ongoing conditioning work needed and/or if you want to be taken through your above program prescription, the following charges apply.

  • (60 mins) $60 with ACC, $95 without ACC

  • (30 mins) $37 with ACC, $67 without ACC



3. Gym memberships (short term) for Health Zone clients

For those who don’t wish to execute their rehab or conditioning program from home, or whom don’t have an existing gym to work out of, consider the options below.  

  • (6 wk membership) $142.00 – $23.66 p/w, no contract/joining fee

  • (12 wk membership) $248.00 – $23.66 p/w, no contract/joining fee

  • (1 yr membership) $1404 – $27.00 p/w rate + joining fee & contract 

Health Zone Physio location?

17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, North Shore City (Based out of the AUT Millennium Building).  5 mins drive from central Albany, 7 mins from Takapuna, 16 minutes from Auckland CBD.

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